7 Reasons Why A Personal Trainer May be Your Secret Weapon in 2019!

We’ve all been there…going to the gym hop on a piece of cardio equipment, get bored, move to another one, get bored then head over to the weights area, do some squats, leg presses, bench press (the things we know) and then say you’re done. Go back the next time and repeat the same pattern not really knowing what to do and definitely not seeing results. Or maybe you already have a coach but have been doing the same thing for the last year and have not made any progress. Or, maybe you’re taking the same classes over and over with the same result.

If you can relate to any of the above statements then you MUST keep reading!

Here are few signs that you may need to hire a personal trainer.

1. You aren’t getting the results you want.

The reason most people will hire a personal trainer is because they aren’t seeing the results they want. Your health can only improve at the rate of your own personal growth so asking for help is a massive step forward towards reaching your health and fitness goals.

When you can’t seem to reach your goals—no matter how hard you try—part of the problem is that you are too close to the situation. You think you know what you need to do, or maybe you are attached to a plan you found online that really isn’t working for you. But commitment is what gets you to your goals, right?

Not necessarily. A personal trainer can bring an outsider’s subjective view to the situation and get you back on track. When you don’t see the results you want, it might be time to get someone to help you figure out why. A good coach can help you analyze what you’re doing, get to the heart of why it’s not working, and then make changes that help you plot a new course.

2. You know what to do, but you don’t do it.

Lacking accountability? Go to the gym but get tired and give up before you really need to? You need a personal trainer when you “know” what to do but you struggle with the follow-through. A personal trainer will push and challenge you to finish your workout when if you were left on your own you may stop. When someone else is holding you accountable your mentality changes and you want to show them you can do it.

3. You feel overwhelmed.

There is SO much going on in our daily lives. We have access to more information (notice I didn’t say good information) than ever before, there is too much to do, and too few hours in the day to do it. What will typically fall to the wayside if YOU and YOU should be your number one priority. If you cannot take care of yourself and be stay healthy and strong how can you take care of your loved ones?

A personal trainer will help realign priorities, time management and hold you accountable. They can look at your daily activities and objectively suggest a more productive use of your time.

4. You find yourself listening only to your own ideas.

The more experienced fitness enthusiasts tend to ignore the advice of those around them, and they just listen to their inner voice. People who are experienced prefer to work alone. They like and trust their own ideas, but we all need checks and balances. A coach can help you stay in check and make sure your workouts our safe and effective.

5. You want someone to talk to.

Who understands your challenges? Who can you talk honestly too and receive honest feedback? Working towards your health and fitness goals can be lonely. As a busy person, it can be difficult finding someone that you can trust or someone that you can talk to without fear that they will judge you.

Whether you need someone to bounce ideas off or someone to talk honestly too, a personal trainer can be the ideal person. A coach isn’t influenced by any family politics so they will always have an unbiased opinion about what’s best for your health.

6. You see no clear path forward.

Although you feel great and your training plan is going well, you can easily get stuck in a rut and not think about where you are going. This simply ensures that your health and fitness stay at the same level.

A personal trainer can help you get “unstuck.” You’ll gain a better understanding of the right direction for you, and you’ll have the confidence that your fitness goals are moving forward again. A personal trainer will help you identify how your current strategy and tactics can be improved. They will work with you to create a clear set of priorities and a plan to follow.

7. You’re not motivated, and you repeat the same workouts.

Motivation is a key factor when it comes to working with a trainer. Some of us just don’t have the get-up-and-go necessary to do regular workouts. We need someone by our side. A trainer can motivate you, keep you on track, and help you set achievable goals. Even if you don’t stick with the trainer, having the goals and an action plan for achievement can make a huge difference.

Some people have been doing the same workout for months, maybe years. That may have worked in the beginning but eventually they’re going to hit a plateau, or worse yet, get bored. A personal trainer can take all the guess work out of your workouts. You will no longer need to come up with a plan as they are doing that for you.. They’ll keep things interesting and challenge you to do things you never thought possible.

It’s time for you to hire a personal trainer!!!

If any of the above signs apply to you and your fitness goals, it may be time to hire a personal trainer. Just remember, this doesn’t mean that you have failed. Everybody needs help and guidance. I, personally, have a business coach and an online trainer of my own for my personal workouts. I, too, need someone to hold me accountable. All the best have coaches. Remember that!

From providing you with objective insights into how to achieve your goals, to helping you improve and develop your own skills as an everyday athlete, a personal trainer is there to help you be the best, healthiest version you can be.

Every Journey Begins With a Single Step.

When it comes to fitness, a coach can be your personal guide to success, and your secret weapon. There are so many benefits to having a personal coach. I would go so far as to say that coaching is a prerequisite for achievement. Period!!!

Once you take that first step, you can achieve anything you want. The path won’t be easy, but results are guaranteed if you follow the plan. And we’re here to guide you every step of the way. But it’s up to you to get started.

Are you ready?

Try 5 Personal Training Sessions today and take your first step to a pain free, healthier you! You’ve got nothing to lose with this introductory package and everything to gain! Call us to today at 612-656-9306 or apply at https://www.studiomefitness.com/feelbetterlivebetter to see if we are a good fit for your goals.