How to Build Muscle the Right Way

If you want to build muscle the right way, with maximum effect, minimum effort, and minimum chance of injury, then you need to learn some basic scientific principles about working out. When you eat the right way, lift the right way, and rest the right way, then you are building muscle the right way.


Muscle Building Science

Building muscle actually begins with damaging your muscle tissue by over-straining it. The tiny tears that overworking muscle tissue causes make that tissue grow larger after it heals, so there is less chance of damage in the future. Building muscle is basically just a matter of putting your muscles under enough strain to give it the tiny tears that trigger growth.


Lifting the Right Way

There are a lot of weight lifting exercises to choose from. Basically, you can go with machines, barbells, dumbbells, and/or kettlebells. Never waste your time with machines. They isolate your muscles, which can cause them to develop quickly. However, this isolation makes your stabilizer muscles underdeveloped, making you more prone to injury. Free weights require you to use and develop your stabilizers, building effective muscle much more quickly and safely. Ideally, you should go with kettlebells, which require the most stabilizer assistance.


Whatever kind of free weight you choose, pick a weight that is high enough that you can't do any more than ten reps before you can't lift anymore. It should also be low enough that you can do at least five reps, or you'll be risking injury. Once you develop enough muscle to routinely go over ten reps per set, get a larger weight.


Eating the Right Way

To build muscle, you need to consume enough calories to make it possible. To figure out how much you need to eat, keep track of the calories in everything you eat for seven days. Add the results together, then divide the answer by 7, then add 300. If you are on the large size, you should add 500 instead of 300. This result tells you the calories you should eat every day you lift. You should also eat 1 gram of complete protein for every pound you weigh on a daily basis.


Resting the Right Way

Muscle growth does not happen while you are working out. Instead, it happens afterward, while you are resting. If you lift all the time, never giving your muscles any rest, you are slowing your muscle growth, not speeding it up. Take 1-2 days off per week and make sure you are balancing cardio and strength training.


The Takeaway

 Workout according to the principles described above, and you will build all the muscle you want. All it takes is some self-discipline and time.

Remember its a journey….not a sprint!

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