It's all about ME in 2018!

"I found Studio ME when I was looking for a place that was close to work so I could keep myself accountable to making my health/wellbeing a priority by exercising at the end of my work day."

I sat down with Teri back in November and I knew we were going to be the perfect place for her to achieve her goals. Teri is very dedicated to her goals and is always willing to try new things.


According to Teri "what I didn't know when I started coming to the studio and I am now reminded every time I step through the doors, is what a great community I joined. I am reminded at every class to appreciate my body for the amazing machine it is and to be thankful for what it gives me everyday. I am reminded that I am stronger than I feel and I am way more capable than what I give myself credit for. And success is not measured by a number but by how I feel stronger mentally and physically at the end of a class. Thank you coaches and fellow crew mates for pushing me in and out of class to help me live out my motto everyday that it's "all about me in 2018!" 

Who's with Teri and ready to make 2018 your year?

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