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Multivitamins: Are they a waste of money?

Are you one of the many people who feels that multivitamins are an “insurance policy” for your health? Do you take the very popular “Jack of all trades” of the supplement world? Or, have you been told that they’re not worth anything, and just make “expensive pee?”

I’m spilling the truth in today’s post. The truth is, there is too much hype out there about multivitamins. Hype about their health benefits, and hype about their risks. This post may help you to decide whether to take them or quit them. But no one should quit eating superfood salads. Especially not my amazing recipe!

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Three Tips To Jumpstart Your Diet

How many times have you said "I'll start my diet on Monday"? Monday rolls around and then you maybe get one good day then it's all down hill from there.

Your reading this because you want to make a change. You have decided you need to make a change. You want to feel better and lose weight. Right? You've done the easy part. You've told yourself and decided you want to make a change.

Now onto the hard part...MAKING THE CHANGE!

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Strength - Endurance Training

If you are looking to build strength most people follow the heavy weights for low reps with a good deal of rest during the workout and between workouts. This is all well and good but there is a slight problem with this type of training. Most people who focus on this type of training shouldn't be. They should be focusing on strength-endurance training. If you focus on strictly strength routines it won't hold up in the real work when you are doing real life activities. Sure you may look good but would you rather be able to lift a heavy object once or be able to do it multiple times?

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