June Member of the Month


Please join me in congratulating Erin. 

Erin has been a member at Studio ME since September of 2016. She has improved her endurance on the rowing machine and is dominating the kettlebells. So much so that she just completed a 150 mile bike ride in two days with Team Hop Wheels. Way to go Erin!!!

According to Erin, "before joining Studio ME, I was already a regular exerciser, but had been with the same gym for many years.  And although I liked the classes they offered, my workouts were getting boring and I wanted to try something totally new, but I needed a gym that was still close to me in Northeast." 

Erin's exercise consisted of a mix of running, biking, weight training and yoga. 

She "found Studio ME on the internet (where else do people find things?!) and the rowing attracted me because I'd never really done it.  So my goal was to get outside my comfort zone and try something new.  My first class was SHOCKWAVE and I was so far outside my comfort zone I worried I might need CPR!  I really struggled with the HIIT/cardio aspect of rowing.  The bursts of high heart rate left me breathless and panicky.  I kept coming back to see whether I could improve, and I have!" 

"I've been happy at Studio ME because the instructors and members are welcoming, the classes accommodate all ability levels, and I don't feel intimidated.  I'm 48 this year and have a very physical job as an inpatient nurse--very little sitting and lots of heavy lifting. " 

"It's not flashy, but my fitness goal is to engage in a wide variety of fitness activities, 4-6 times a week, to maintain strength and prevent injury.  Studio ME offers a good mix of classes, at the right time of day (love morning exercise), with encouraging instructors, who nudge me to try a little harder. " 

You've have to get outside your comfort zone if you want to see real results! Just ask Erin. Next time you see her, give her a high five!