When you want to give up...

Humans, by nature, are not designed to be crazy enthusiastic about going to the gym or getting fit.


Truthfully, our DNA wants us to do what we have to do to hunt and gather food then reserve our energy supply.


You see, our wiring hasn’t caught up with how quickly we’ve progressed as a species over thousands of years.


Even 100 years ago, food was much harder to come by than it is today.


So, between the temptation of any food you can imagine at your fingertips constantly and the fact that our DNA has us wired to conserve energy, it’s no wonder more people than ever struggle with their weight.


And I believe this wiring is one of the reasons so many people struggle to stay consistent in their fitness and why the yo-yo approach is so real.


Since you’re not required to gather food to eat and you’re probably not going to be chased by wild animals randomly like our ancestors, we’ve got to find another way to stay on track.


Here are a few things to consider…


  • Think about the feeling and the end result. How will you feel in your skin 24/7 when you achieve your goal? I promise that alone is worth it.


  • Acknowledge your DNA and do it anyway. You’re not too lazy, too tired, or whatever the thing may be. Regardless of whether or not you want to take care of your body, don’t even give yourself the choice.


  • Think 6 months into the future. Things will either be better or worse with your health and body. What choice do you want to make?

  • Find a buddy or someone to hold you accountable. We all need someone to help get us through those hard times because, trust me, you will have some. Share your goals with this person and ask them for their help. Our bootcamp groups have done an awesome job at this and I am so proud of the support they are providing to each other. The more people that know your goals the more people there are that can help you achieve them.

  • You have to make it a priority if you really want it. It’s not easy and it’s never going to be easy but if you really want to achieve your goals, whether it be weight loss, getting stronger, competing in an event, you have to make it a priority! It’s not going to be easy either. It is a journey filled with lots of twists and turns and ups and downs but with the right support system you can do it!

  • Celebrate successes! No matter how big or small you have to celebrate each and every success. It will keep you motivated to stay on track.


I hope that gives you some good things to think about and motivation when times feel tough!


Dedicated to your success,

Megan, Owner Studio ME