Three Tips To Jumpstart Your Diet

Tired of how you look and feel? Are you struggling to get started?


How many times have you said "I'll start my diet on Monday"? Monday rolls around and then you maybe get one good day then it's all down hill from there.

Your reading this because you want to make a change. You have decided you need to make a change. You want to feel better and lose weight. Right? You've done the easy part. You've told yourself and decided you want to make a change.

Now onto the hard part...MAKING THE CHANGE!

You've probably tried every diet out there only to lose weight and gain it all back again plus more. You've purchased products or supplements telling you here's a quick fix or bought fitness DVDs or programs or even joined a gym in hopes to help.

You've probably done this more times than you'd like to admit. Am I right?

Now is your time to actually commit to yourself and make it happen. Life is short and if you can't take care of yourself how do you expect to take care of someone else? How many of you have family and loved ones? OK so let me say that again...


In order to succeed you need to take baby steps. You can't quit cold turkey or you'll relapse. You can't do everything at once or you'll fail. Let's stat small!


Here are the 3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Diet that I tell my clients when they are struggling to find the actual motivation to start OR intimidated by the idea that they have to make a ton of changes.

These 3 keys will help you to make a diet change when the change just seems so overwhelming and so far away…

3 Tips To Jumpstart Your Diet

This can be a very overwhelming process which can cause paralysis and procrastination. I am going to make it as simple as possible to help you get started.

Start Small

We have to know what you are currently eating. What your habits are.

TIP #1…Track what you are currently doing.

I tell clients to keep a food log. Yes, I know this seems like a lot of work but we can't make any changes if we don't know what we need to change. I recommend using a FREE meal tracker like My Fitness Pal. Something that is going to give you your macronutrient breakdown (proteins, fats, and carbs). Create your account, set your goals, and enter your goal macroniutrient ratios of 40% protein, 30% carbs, and 30% fat. Once you have that all set up. Eat like you normally would and enter everything from your food to water consumption and exercise.

Just track it all. Don’t try to change anything. Don’t adjust how you are eating and most importantly don’t feel guilty. 

Remember we are just getting a baseline here.

TIP #2…Pick ONE THING to start with and focus on.

Remember we said to start small. Don't try to change everything at once. That's how and why diets fail. This isn't a diet. We want to become a lifestyle - a choice you are making.

Don't deprive yourself of your favorite things. As soon as you do you will want it more and more and more and end up binge eating it and fall off the bandwagon.

We aren't actually saying we need to cut something our of our diet. Think of it more as adding something in. My guess is that after you look at your actual intake, you are going to be sitting around 20% protein and a super high amounts of carbs. Am I right?

Where I always start with my clients in focusing on protein and hitting that goal. Why? Protein keeps you fuller longer and can keep you from reaching for those sweets or salty items. Once you hit this goal or close to it everything else will fall into place.

TIP #3 – Don't eliminate foods. Substitute instead. 

People will start Macro Cycling and ask, “Well what can’t I eat?”

My answer, “You can eat anything you want. Just hit the ratios.”

Too often we think that eating well means cutting out all of the foods you love.

But what it really means is that we need to find a balance between the healthy and the not-so-healthy treats we love. Try adding protein to your cookies or more lean protein to your meals.

We don't want you to eliminate anything. We want you to substitute. Have a recipe you love? Don't stop it because its packed full of carbs. Try to find an alternative.

Little tweaks add up AND they keep you from feeling deprived or feeling like you have to make these massive changes and cut out all of the foods you love!

Getting started is the HARDEST part. You are ready because you want to make a change. Let's make that change.  Start tracking your food today follow these three tips.

TIP #1: Track Your Food

TIP #2: Pick ONE thing to focus on

TIP #3: Substitute Don't Eliminate

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