Member Spotlight - Meet Marie


Marie joined Studio ME back in March of 2017. She was taking classes and then decided to take the leap and join MEfit Bootcamp this past June. She has completed one program and is halfway through her second program. It has been so much fun to watch her get stronger. She is killing it on the rowing machine and has upped the anti on her weight lifting. Go girl! Let's learn a little about Marie and her story.

"I was always a pretty active person until tearing my ACL and meniscus playing soccer about 2.5 years ago. While recovering from surgery I lost a lot of strength and motivation to be active. Accepting I was not get back into shape on my own I decided it was time to make a change and tried some classes at Studio ME this past winter. I immediately loved coming here. I have really enjoyed the variety of classes, how class sign up works and trying out boot camp."

What are your goals?

"My main goals have been to feel strong again and rebuild/improve my endurance."

What are your successes so far?

"I have experienced a huge change in the heaviness of weights I am able to lift and am no longer easily winded doing cardio since starting classes here. I now have consistency in the frequency I am working out and look forward to pushing myself. I am happier and am enjoying continuing to feel stronger."

Tell us about yourself.

"My fiancé, Ken, and I got engaged the end of last year, and being active together and exploring/hiking is something we enjoy doing. This past summer we did some long hikes in Colorado and it was so nice feeling strong the whole time. He is also very hopeful I will be feeling confident enough to start playing soccer with him again soon:)"

Marie we are so happy for your accomplishments and can't wait to get you back on that soccer field!