Train SMARTER, not harder

We've become obsessed with the idea that if we aren't sore we didn't get a good workout. That is just not true! You don't need to do more to get the results you want. You don't need to feel destroyed after each and every workout and guess what? If you always feel destroyed then you run the risk of overtraining which can reek havoc on your body and injuries. Train smarter...not harder! Ever wonder why, even though you are working out SO HARD that you aren't seeing results? 

Evaluate your choices.

  1. Fuel your body! Don't starve it. You can't out train a bad diet. This is the biggest thing I talk about with my clients. Until you actually sit down and take a look at what you are eating it seems fine.  Try this...create an account with and track for 3-5 days. You will be amazed at what you find. On average, looking at your macronutrients, you want to be sitting at 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 15% fat. Now, this is average. Depending on your goals you will want to adjust your macros. If you have a sensitivity to carbs and tend to pack on the pounds when you eat them then obviously cut back on that and increase your protein intake. Increasing protein will help keep you fuller longer and keep you out of that cookie jar as well as help build muscle which will in turn increase your resting metabolic rate = higher metabolism at rest. When I say carbs I don't mean processed food or sugar. You want to eat health carbs such as quinoa, brown rice, vegetables, etc. Want to make some changes but not sure where to start? Contact me for a consult and we can get you on the right path and not by cutting calories but properly fueling the body.
  2. How much sleep are you getting a night? Sure you can get by on under 6 hours a sleep a night but over time it will catch up with you and put you into a downward spiral. Building up extra fat around the mid section? Try to get 6-8 hours a night! It will help keep cortisol level low and helpfully help trim that waist line. Also, sleep = recovery!
  3. Don't workout longer or harder to get better results. Thinking adding an extra 15-60 minutes to your workout will help you get where you want to be? WRONG! Workout SMARTER and not harder. Adding HIIT training (no more than 20 minutes) into your routine 2-3 times a week on top of strength training 3-4/week (and I don't mean endurance strength training with the lighter weights, e.g. 3lbs, and going to exhaustion). Want to see muscle definition? Lift heavy every once in awhile. Challenge yourself! Take a kettlebell, TRX or strength circuit class. Your muscles will tank you! Cardio is great but if you want real definition it won't get you there and the next time you think about getting on to the treadmill or going for a run think intervals. Trust me! You don't need to go out and run for 40-60 minutes and burn a measly 200-300 calories when you can do for 15-20 and alternate with jogging, sprinting and walking and burn twice as much and continue to burn for up to 24 hours post workout. Intervals! Intervals! Intervals!
  4. Perform compound movements when working out. Compound exercises utilize multiple joints with free weights and build the most muscle and increase strength the fastest. This means maximal muscle recruitment, high nervous system activation, and more of a stimulus for growth. I'm a big fan of the less is more approach - but not less is easier. This is why kettlebells, TRX and even rowing are my favorite tools. You aren't just targeting one muscle group. You aren't trying to be a body builder or entering a competition (if you are stick with isolated exercises to target muscle groups). You are trying to increase strength, look better feel better and perform everyday life activities better. The tools we use at Studio ME are very functional and meet all of these requirements and help you train SMARTER and not harder.
  5. Recovery! Recovery! Recovery! Should I say it one more time? OK...Recovery! It is so important. Your body cannot handle being in a stressed, high inflammation state all the time. You must give your body a break. Take it from me, someone who can teach up to 5 classes a day. You body begins to break down very quickly. You still get results but not the kind you want. Do you want to always feel tired, weak, no energy to do anything, gaining weight? NOPE I don't think so! Rest and take care of your body. Ways I take time for myself and my body includes foam rolling with either a standard roller, a Rollga, or Yoga Tune Up Balls, stretching, breathing and meditation, yoga, when I have some extra money in the budget going for a massage (oh hot stone how I love the'), and going for gentle and slow walks and spending time with family and friends. Did you know that walks can help lower cortisol levels especially after diner walks?

Not sure where to start? Need some help or want some advice? Contact me at or 612.656.9306. I can provide a Health & Lifestyle Assessment as well as a workout program either at Studio ME in our small group classes, bootcamp or private training or something you can do at home with minimal equipment to help you reach YOUR goals.


Stop training longer!  Use some of these tips to train smarter and achieve the results you've always wanted.