Natural Deodorant That Actually Works!

Ok guys...I'm getting real with this post... I have tried a ton of different deodorants. Like a ton! I sweat a lot and get a lot of underarm sweat to where can show through shirts. Image being at work and giving a presentation and afraid to lift your arms because you know you have wet spots under your arms. This was a problem I experienced when I was still working in corporate world because I trained staff so I was always giving presentations in front of large and small groups. Meeting with executives would also make me sweat. Not just a little bit. I had to be careful on what type shirts I wore and the material so it didn't stain. No silk shirts for me and lots of black. I tired DrySol (MD prescription required) which is all aluminum, the prescription strength ones, and about every type on the market but nothing really worked. I even changed some things in my diet and nothing really worked so I pretty much gave up and would switch my deodorants every month or so to get a few days of relief. Oh and natural deodorants...HA! Those never worked!!!

Every natural deodorant I have ever tried either doesn't work at all or works for maybe a day or two then stops as my body adjusts.  I saw Piperwai on Shark Tank and thought no way but still gave it a shot. I have to say that it actually does work! I have not been paid or receive no benefit for reviewing this product. Because it has worked for me I wanted to share it with all of you in case you wanted to get away from the toxic deodorants on the market.

My experience with natural deodorants...

I have found that I have a reaction to baking soda which is in practically EVERY natural deodorant because it keeps you dry (absorbs moisture). The first week I used Piperwai I noticed that I wasn't as wet under the arms as usual and didn't stink. Win win, right? Then I noticed the tiny red bumps that comes with the baking soda that I am use to. I decided to keep using it making sure to not put it on directly after shaving and adding some unscented lotion to see if it would did. I am glad I kept using the product as now I am completely off of my regular deodorant and am very happy with Piperwai.

Piperwai has activated charcoal in it which helps with moister WAY better than any other deodorant that I have tried. I can say that I haven't sweat through shirts but I also haven't worn a typical (work) shirt in a while either but still fell dryer. The smell is pleasant like a spa smell almost a little more masculine. Both men and women can use it.

It comes in both a stick form which I am using now or a jar where you need to wipe it in place. I have used both. The stick is less messy and since I do reapply a few times a day it just works better for me. It is a little pricey up front at $11.99/jar or $16.00/stick but it lasts me about 4 months. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes for you.


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*I do not receive any incentives for referring this product.