Member of the Month

Meet Aaron!  Aaron has been working hard in bootcamp and seen dramatic results and all because of his desire to be healither. In just three months he has lost 6% body fat, 4" on his waist and 25.6 lbs.  Let's get to know Aaron.Attachment-1

"Back in March, my wife and fellow Studio ME member Larissa, suggested we join this bootcamp that was being put on. When she told me it started at 5:45 AM, I told her "I'll think about it", which is usually code for "No way".  However, as I thought about it, I was softening. For quite some time, I've been wanting to lose weight and just become healthier, and long bike rides on the weekends just wasn't cutting it. I needed a routine exercise schedule and I know that I actually prefer to exercise in the morning (despite being a night owl), so one day I tell her to sign us up!

I'm pretty sure I felt like I was going to die that first Monday, since I was working so many muscles that haven't been used in years of working in an office. Slowly however, my muscles became stronger, and weight started to come off.  Couple that with paying attention to how much I'm putting into my body (aka "I think one helping of hotdish is enough") and I'm excited by the progress I've made (even though I've still got a ways to go). It makes me want to tell others who have a similar sedentary struggle about how great bootcamp and Megan (and staff) are.  It's not hard, it just takes dedication and a desire to be healthier."