May Member of the Month

Meet Michelle.  Michelle has made huge strides in just three months. Please join me in congratulating her and giving her a high five next time you see her.

"When I heard about Studio ME from a coworker in February, I was intrigued -- I really didn't know indoor rowing was a thing, but I was searching for a cross-training opportunity. A longtime bike commuter and sometime endurance biker, my one-sport lifestyle had given me knee problems that were causing misery on and off the bike. Thankfully, by the end of my first Indo-Row I knew I was hooked; this full-body, high-intensity, and low-impact workout was just what I needed.


I just finished up my 12th week as a member and I'm so thrilled about the changes I'm seeing in my body that I feel like a walking infomercial. Lately I've been feeling much stronger, and noticing muscle tone and power in places it wasn't there before -- which brings an awesome sense of accomplishment and confidence. I feel stronger and better balanced on the bike, and the knee pain and quad inflammation that were part of my daily life have noticeably decreased. I find myself avoiding stairs less and pushing harder on my commutes, just in time for summer adventures.


Recently I heard someone complaining about the challenge of balancing body positivity with their gym culture, and I had to beam a little about the culture at StudioME. Our focus on personal bests, teamwork, and having fun while working hard has become an island of focus and positivity that I look forward to week after week. I'm so grateful to the awesome instructors and crew that make StudioME what it is!!


I'm looking forward to the coming months: chasing lower split and sprint times, keeping with the foam rolling, getting some serious meters in ahead of my wedding in October, and aiming to be able to join Team Hop Wheels for the MS150 in 2017!"

-Michelle Funk