March Member of the Month

Please join me in recognizing Anne Parish as Studio ME's Member of the Month. Anne was nominated on International Women's Day and her response to the nomination really touched me.

First of all, I'd like to say that I am flattered, honored, and humbled to be chosen as Studio ME's "Member of the Month"; especially on International Women's Day---a day where women stand together, in solidarity, to strive for justice and equality in our world. This is why I am so privileged to be surrounded, at Studio ME, by smart, powerful, kind, and supportive women (and a few good men). As Siri once said to us in class "We are a tribe of strong women", and that is exactly how I feel when I walk into Studio ME; it is a sisterhood built upon health, teamwork, encouragement and restoration. It is a space where we work towards achieving our goals and building each other up to be our best selves.

My goals are easy: try my best, don't get injured, have fun, and burn enough calories to eat freshly decorated sugar cookies and drink a glass (or two) of wine once in a while.
Studio ME has helped me reach these goals by challenging me with new movements, routines, and classes. Also, seeing my member friends--most days--helps me stay connected to the Studio Me community; and I feel accountable to show up for myself and for my Studio Me "sisters".
Thank you, Studio ME, for creating a community that understands the value of fostering female empowerment.

annieOf course the picture she selected is of her decorating sugar cookies. You go girl! We love having you as part of our crew.