Meet Siri...and not the phone Siri! :)

Siri has been at the studio since day one and I am not sure what we (OK more so not sure what I) would do without her. She has been at my side during all the changes we have gone through from opening, changing our plans, change in ownership, change in classes, instructors coming and name it!

Do you believe that we meet people for a reason?

Well, I think Siri is one of those people that I was suppose to meet.

Let's flash back to 2014... was June and we were both participating in the MS150 (for those of you who don't know what that is its a 150 mile bike ride from Proctor, MN to White Bear Lake, MN).  It was her first year participating in the event. It's a long bus ride to Proctor and we were sitting right next to Siri and her now husband Steve on the bus. We got to talking and I learned that she was a yoga teacher but not currently teaching at working the front desk at a gym in St. Paul.

At that time Studio ME was only a pipe dream so I asked her for her information and said "if it ever happens can I call you to teach for me?" Of course she said yes! A month later I called Siri and asked her to meet because the studio was happening. I was not anticipating everything to fall into place and as quickly as it did and I don't think she did either. From there the rest is history!

She brings something so unique to her classes that I can't even explain it.  There is a calming force with this one! Her yoga, gymnastics, and Thai experience, amongst many other things, brings a mind body connection to all her classes that you will NOT find anywhere else!

Siri truly lives and breathes what we teach at Studio ME...move well and move often. If she has the choice of bodyweight over weighted exercises she will choose bodyweight every time. Expect to push yourself harder than you thought possible and try fun and unique exercises in Siri's class. You'll often find her teaching participants how to do handstands or hanging upside down in the TRX straps. Exercise should be fun, right?

About 8 months ago Siri and her husband welcomed a baby girl into the world and I am grateful to get to know her and watch her grow up. Siri is a great mother, wife, friend, colleague, and coach.

I'll stop rambling so you can get to know Siri better.



Tell Us a little about how fitness has played a role in your life?

Fitness has been a part of my life since I can remember but I never thought of it as fitness just what I needed to do to feel like myself. Whether that was sports, or climbing trees I did it all!


What made you want to become an instructor at Studio ME?

Megan:) I started while it was still an idea so the more appropriate question would be ‘what makes you continue being an instructor at Studio ME?’ My answer is still Megan:) the members, the ability to share my love of fun movement and getting to connect with people in the sometimes vulnerable way that bodies and movement can bring up. It gives me energy and I am grateful to be at Studio ME.


What is your favorite exercise that you program into your classes and why?

All of them! Because no one exercise is more important than the next. The best exercise is the next one:)


What is a fun fact about yourself that none of the members know?

I have been in one play in my life and it was as a dominatrix in Vagina Monologues. Very different from who I am which made it so easy to play:) Let me know if you want to know more...




  • 500 hr yoga teacher training
  • Registered Thai Therapist
  • Yoga Tune Up Teacher
  • IndoRow & Shockwave Certified
  • Kettlebell AMPD Certified
  • TRX Training
  • Neurokinetic Therapy Training



    Megan Cooper