Meet Liz

Last week you learned more about Sami. This week it's Liz!

Liz started with Studio ME as a coach back in October 2015. 

It was at a time of transition for me and the studio.  My original business partner and I had just split ways and I was taking over the studio full time. Liz was a fresh breath of air joining the team when I needed her the most!

Liz is one of the most caring, giving and sassy instructors that I know. She is going to make you feel the burn in each and every class. She cares about how you move and wants to make sure you are doing it correctly and heads up our charity classes.

Liz's main focus is endurance classes blending her experience with yoga, barre and strength training to give you an awesome total-body. low-impact, muscle burning class. Liz has been and is a huge part of our community at Studio ME. 

Let's get to know her a little better.



Tell Us a little about how fitness has played a role in your life?

I didn’t become involved with working out or fitness until my early twenties! I hated sports in school but then I found hot yoga; it was amazing to connect with my body, and yoga played a huge role in managing my anxiety. I loved learning about movement, and the mind-body connection (spoiler: there’s a strong one!) and empowering myself through building strength and awareness. I became an instructor in 2014 and have loved learning about the body ever since.


What made you want to become an instructor at Studio ME?

"I’ve worked at a lot of fitness and yoga studios and Studio ME is by far my favorite. I love the community, the focus on function and form, and the acknowledgment that everybody is different and needs different things."


What is your favorite exercise that you program into your classes and why?

"Pulses!! I love teaching barre and endurance classes. Nothing gets you like a good pulse!"


What is a fun fact about yourself that none of the members know?

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 13!



  • Yoga 200hr
  • Spin
  • IndoRow
  • Trained in Barre, TRX & Kettlebells
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