Member of the Month

Meet Heather! Heather has been at Studio ME for about one month and an awesome addition to our crew. 

Heather is an AMAZING strong woman that has decided to take back her life and not let Multiple Sclerosis take control. We can all learn from her!

Back in October we ran a contest to win 5 free classes. Heather entered to win the rest is history.

Meeting Heather the first time and learning about her story and her desire to take back her life is truly inspiring. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade and Heather is living proof that you can make lemonade. Yes, it is difficult. Yes, you need to surround yourself around people who have similar interests. Yes, YOU CAN DO IT! Heather has been mostly focused on rowing trying to ease back into fitness. It's been tough. Dealing with her symptoms of MS makes it hard to feel footboard and know how hard she is pushing. I am excited to help her on her fitness journey and get her into some strength classes.

Let's hear from her...

"Hi, I'm Heather Olson and I'm the lucky gal who (reluctantly) entered to win 5 free classes in November...and then actually won them! I hesitantly (and a little fearfully) signed up for the classes "just to try it," but after my first meeting with Megan, I was completely IN. I bought 10 more classes to get through the holidays, and now I'm investing in a full year.

I struggle with MS, (and numbness/balance, weakness, and depression are my biggest issues) so I knew a big fitness center with huge classes where nobody would notice if I didn't show up would NOT work for me.

At Studio ME, I really could not feel more supported or understood, and everyone is so willing to help and modify and make sure I'm doing what I can, safely and powerfully.

I'm a hospice nurse and my wife is an intern pastor and chaplain, so while we spend a lot of our time serving others, my workouts at Studio ME are some of the best things I do for myself all week to recharge my body and mind. We live in Como Park in St. Paul, and I probably pass about 10 other gyms on the way to Studio ME, but the road trip is completely worth it.

I'm super proud to show up, move my body, and get my heart pumping in such fun ways. 

Studio ME really is for everyone, with all types of bodies and abilities. I'm so grateful to be part of the crew!"

Heather, we are SO grateful to have you as part of the crew and can't wait to help you reach your goals! You are one of the reasons we opened Studio make an impact!

Cheers to you in 2018!