Fitness is an Investment

The world of health and fitness is “big business”—period.  There is no shortage of equipment, programs, magazines, or memberships to purchase.  All of these options (and much more) can put a real dent in your bank account.  

This might even be enough to make you question your fitness decision in the first place.  Let’s make things clear right now, you made the right choice by making fitness a constant in your life.  It is absolutely not an expense, it’s an investment; an investment in yourself.


Your Future

One of the most popular analogies used to explain how fitness is an investment is to compare it to your retirement plan.  Every month you put money into your plan.  Month by month, year by year, you take money out of your paycheck and invest it for the future.


You probably don’t look at your bank statement and consider that to be an expense.  You should look at your gym membership, online trainer, or new medicine ball the same way.  In fact, your retirement plan and fitness investment go hand-in-hand.


Live Longer

This is the big one.  Making an investment in your health and fitness can increase your life expectancy.  Studies suggest that even leisurely physical activity, that is less than the recommended amount, can make you live longer.


This should make you feel good about your investment twofold.  First, you don’t have to feel like you wasted your money on fitness this month because you missed a few days of exercise.  Second, now you are more likely to live long enough to really enjoy your retirement.


Improved Quality Of Life

By making monthly investments into your health and fitness lifestyle, you will not only live longer, but your quality of life will be better.  It’s nice to live far into your retirement, but will it really matter if you have a poor quality of life for your last 15-years of existence?

A small financial investment in your fitness will have a gigantic rate of return in the forms of:

  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Higher bone density
  • Higher energy levels
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Reduced risk of stroke
  • Increased optimism and enthusiasm


Professional Improvements

What if you found a pill that you could take once per month that would instantly improve your career and had no negative side effects; would you take it?  Of course you would!  Investing in your fitness will actually provide you with these same results—pill free.

Regularly exercising reduces stress levels, which makes you less irritable and able to focus clearly. This allows you to work through challenges at work with emotional intelligence instead of flying off the handle and making decisions you’ll regret.

It also boosts brain activity, improves your brain’s organizational capacity, and improves your memory.  All of which are keys to getting ahead in your career.  Think about it; the more money you earn over your lifetime, sooner you can retire and enjoy both of your investments.


Hopefully, this evidence convinced you that every single penny you put towards your fitness lifestyle is more than just an expense.  Just like your retirement plan, it’s an investment in yourself and in your future. Are you ready to make the investment?


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