June Member of the Month

Meet Emily! Emily has been a member since August of 2015. It has been so fun getting to know Emily and her family and help her reach her goals. They are a big part of our community so I am really excited to recognize her month. Let's hear from her...

"I joined Studio ME almost two years ago now. After a couple years of full-time work and grad school followed by a year of total sleep deprivation with a newborn, my husband and I were both feeling unhealthy and knew it was time for us to take control of our health and start modeling a healthy lifestyle for our son. Studio ME had opened up near my work and I suggested that Chad check it out. I had no intention of joining him since group fitness classes had never really been my thing. However, I don’t think it was even two weeks before I signed up for my first class. I couldn’t help myself after I saw how excited he was about it – both in terms of the physical results he was seeing and the fun people he was meeting. I started to feel like I was missing out!

The first week was pretty rough since I was really out of shape. However, I couldn’t believe how encouraging and supportive everyone was – even people who were in better shape than I will ever be. That is one of the things I really love about Studio ME – the classes are so accessible for all different fitness levels. I also love the variety of classes – I get a well-rounded workout and am never bored – SO much better than my days on the elliptical in my condo workout room! But the best part of Studio E for me is the social aspect. Having a young son means that free time is limited and “mom guilt” rises to the surface if I spend too much time away. Therefore, I love that Studio ME checks off multiple boxes at once – I get a great workout and I socialize with really great people. Even my son looks forward to coming to the gym to drop one of us off or getting to hang out during a movie night!

My fitness goals aren’t super crazy – I just want to be healthy and strong so I can do fun and active things with my family. I am hoping to get under 20 seconds on my 100 meter sprint soon, work on building quad strength so I burn out less quickly on hilly bike rides, am looking forward to doing some brewery 5Ks this summer. It has been really fun to see how much strength I built just in this last month from pushing myself to get to so many classes and I look forward building on that!"

Congrats Emily! Cheers to many more successes!