Member of the Month and Rowing Challenge Winner


Beth has been a member of Studio ME pretty much since its inception in 2014. She is a pretty amazing person!  During the month of February, we challenged our members to a Rowing Challenge. Something we typically do twice a year. During this challenge they set forth to row as many meters as they can during the month. Beth stepped up to the plate with one thing on her mind...winning. See she came in second place last June and she was going to make sure she won this time. Boy did she!  Beth rowed 320,414 meters which is about 200 miles. She set her mind to it and didn't let anything get in her way! I am amazed at what she accomplished and the changes her body saw as a result. I'll give you a sneak peak...4" off the waist and a reduction in her resting heart rate by 10 bpm. This is HUGE!!!!

Not only is Beth a kick ass rower but she also kicks ass in the conference room too! Here is a picture of her in her new tank top.

Let's hear from Beth!

"I tried StudioME on a recommendation from another member Kathyrn. I love supporting local, woman-owned businesses and wanted a workout that would keep me from getting bored/plateauing. I have done every type of workout program you can imagine including P90X, Insanity, T25 - a mix of all 3, Discover Strength, Gyrokinesis, biking, running, yoga but they always ended up gathering dust. I am a believer in primal living/eating so I was always trying to mix a program that would combine strength, sprints, yoga and responsible cardio and I have been with StudioME now for over 2 years and love it.

My goals have always been to feel good in my body and be able to move my body the way I want to and that is what StudioME has given me. Those of you who know me know that I don't believe in scales but I did take one measurement before the rowing challenge this month around my low waist and after the rowing challenge I had lost 4". Not only that, but my resting heart rate went down 10 bpm!!! I am pretty excited to see what other changes will come before my 40th bday in January 2018."