If you are a small business owner wearing multiple hats you MUST try this tool!

If you are a small business owner wearing multiple hats you MUST try this tool! Writing content and scheduling social media posts can be so overwhelming on top of all of the other things that come with owning and running a small business. Before I found this tool I was trying to stay on top of my content but was not doing a very good job. I would write out a three month calendar but then fall off after week one. It just wasn't easy to keep it going. On top of that, which the manual way I was managing this, I wasn't able to schedule posts in my private groups which is where I need to be posting content. Due to this restriction, I had to post daily and let's just say that it didn't' work well for me. Other things took a priority and this fell to the back seat. Engaging with your clients especially paying members is a must for client retention and I wasn't doing what I set out to do. This tool has allowed me to sit down and plan a month at a time and schedule everything!

My favorite feature is the ability to post an image to all three of my social feeds, schedule the post on the day admired and it will automatically post at the most popular time based on algorithms hash tags and keywords and lastly the ability to re-que and allow our content to be shared continuously with no effort.

I am excited to say that just with the week trial I had with Co Schedule i've gained hours of time back trying to get content posted on each site. I no longer have to publish on one site, copy the link or create a new post on another site. It truly has been a great way to post and re-engage on previous posts.  If you are a small business owner wearing multiple hats I recommend you give CoSchedule a try.

Below is an example of great attributes and Best Practices from CO Schedule.

See Your Entire Marketing Schedule At A Glance

Get a bird’s eye view with CoSchedule’s drag and drop calendar. Plan months at a time. Easily fill the gaps in your schedule. And build a (solid plan) for all your content + social promotion.

Social Media Scheduling Without the Stress

Build the perfect social schedule (directly in your calendar). Stop wasting time jumping from one tool to the next -- keep your social + content in one place.

Integrate With The Tools You Already Love

Use all your favorite tools (in one calendar). Create content using Google Docs. Gather stats with Google Analytics. Even sync your Evernote directly into CoSchedule.

Move Projects Forward with Team Workflows

Easily collaborate on projects, assign tasks, add comments, and meet your project deadlines. With custom workflows your team stays accountable, and you get sh*t done!

Social Media Scheduling Without the Stress


Try CoSchedule today and get a free week of better management and more time added to your day.