Member of the Month

Please join me in congratulating Elise on member of the month.  Here is her story:
"My first visit to Studio ME was initiated by a friend who wanted to find a gym together.  I was mildly hungover on a Saturday when we tried our first kettlebell class, but I made it through and have kept coming back!  Having tried out a few other local gyms without success, I was looking for something I wouldn’t get bored of and want to quit after a few months.  It was important to me too that I find an environment that was personable and where I felt comfortable (aka, no strangers giving unsolicited pointers on my form, and where instructors actually care to know your name!)  Studio ME was it.  I love the small class sizes, variety of workouts, and the energy the instructors and my Studio peers bring.  I still get excited to work out, even after a year- all I need to do is show up and I know I’ll leave feeling better than when I walked in.

Over the past year I have appreciated being challenged at every class and seeing the results from working out.  Not only feeling more fit and losing weight, but when our rec soccer league started up again after a 5 month hiatus, I had no trouble keeping up this time around.  Working out at Studio has been the routine that stuck and I’m so grateful that I’ve found something that works for me."