Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful. To think about all the things in life positive and negative that have brought you to where you are today. A day to be with family and friends.

With Thanksgiving also comes the FEAST! How many of you have eaten so much that you can move, have to unbutton your pants (or worn elastic or leggings), feeling like you are going to explode, and/or want to take a nap right after eating? We've all been there!

If you want to avoid these things try one or all of tips to survive today.

1. Drink lots of water!

Throughout the day stay hydrated.  Before your meal drink one 8-10oz glass of water. Don't chug the glass of water but drink it slowly.  Try to drink only water with your meal and save the wine, beer or any other alcohol for before or after dinner.

2. Start with a small plate of food.

If you are still hungry you can always go back for more. The more food you have in front of you the more you will feel like you have to eat it.

3. Eating your protein first & eat slowly.

CARBS....NUM NUM. We always want to dive into carbs first. It's like we've never had them before today or are experiencing them for the first time. Hold that urge to dive into them. Start with your protein first then tackle the carbs. Protein will fill you up faster than carbs will.

4. Let your food settle before having dessert.

Try not to dive right into the dessert. Your stomach and brain may not be talking yet. Let it settle. Maybe have another glass of water or your glass of wine, beer or whatever.  Give yourself some time.

5. Go for a walk or play games.

Stay active. Going for a short walk around the block will help your food digest faster and you will feel SO much better. Too cold? Walk around the house or up and down the stairs or play some games. Don't just lay down. I can say I am honestly guilty of this one. I tend to find a spot on the floor and fall asleep. Not this year! 

Even if you only try a couple of these things. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.  Good luck out there!