May Member of the Month


Congrats on your successes in just four short months! In February, only one month after joining Studio ME, Nick participated in our semi-annual Rowing Challenge and came in fifth place rowing a total of 94,913 meters in one month. That's equivalent to 58 miles! We are so glad to have him as part of our crew and are looking forward to sharing even more success with him.

"In high school, I was over 200 pounds and lost 60 pounds through a restrictive dieting that I loathed. I said to myself, never again, as it was an unhealthy and not sustainable lifestyle. After moving to Minneapolis in July 2015, I gained 30 pounds and started hating how my body looked again. I said to myself, “I really want to be fit,” which is something I never considered myself to be. I was looking for a small gym that was close to home and provided friendly competition all while giving me a butt-kicking workout. In January 2017, I became part of the crew at Studio ME with my partner, Justin, and still have fond memories of our first class—Total Body Row. I was hooked! I loved the indoor rowing aspect that was low impact.

As someone with lupus, I was especially concerned about my ability to optimally participate. I did not want to be perceived as a “lazy” person not willing to participate. I remember my first e-mail to Megan about this and she was so helpful and let the rest of the trainers know about my situation. She also told me to always ask for modifications on an exercise if it is too much of a strain on my joints. The flexibility, yet full result of the workout has been great.

Some of my goals include to have my body fat in the “fit” category and to continue to build muscle. I have lost weight since starting Studio ME, which has been thanks to the rowing and helpful food tips. However, instead of worrying solely about weight loss, I am focusing on losing body fat, building muscle, and more stamina. Since my first work-out with Siri, where I was barely able to finish 100 meters in 30 seconds, my personal best is now 18 seconds. Also, I can engage in rowing and barre classes without much pain, other than the “after-burn” of the workout.

I attribute my rekindled love for fitness through the patience, care, and guidance of Studio ME. I love the unique instruction styles of the instructors and have enjoyed getting to know this great community!"