Meet Cecilia

Please join us in congratulating Cecilia on the recognition of Member of the Month.


"After finishing the Twin Cities Marathon in October 2015, I was looking for a new gym, ideally in the 'hood, that would keep me in shape while being easier on my body. I played volleyball competitively for 25+ years, which has led to seven knee surgeries and a really tender shoulder, so I needed to think differently about the long-term impact of my workouts. Cross Fit-type workouts weren't cutting it anymore. Michelle Littlejohn and I have been friends (and workout buddies) for years, and she nudged me to try out Studio ME. "You'll love it - especially Megan and Siri." She was SO right! The workouts are great and challenging while not putting any unnecessary stress on my beaten up joints. But what I love most about Studio ME are Megan and Siri. They're great trainers who can get me to do pretty much anything because they've got these amazing, energizing, and motivating personalities. But what I appreciate most about them (more than they tolerate my mid-workout singing) is they care - like REALLY care - about the people who come to the Studio. Whether it's checking in, or continually asking for our feedback, or trying new things, I love being at a gym that makes me feel valued as more than "just a client."