Member Spotlight

"When I moved to Minneapolis in January of last year from Williamsburg, Virginia, I didn’t really know what to do with myself in Minnesota winters. I found myself going to work, going to happy hour, and watching TV. It was also a bit of an adjustment switching from walking around a college campus to sitting at a desk all day. I could feel myself becoming more and more lethargic. One day my mom told me: “You’ve got to start working out regularly, it’ll make you feel so much better”. I fought this idea for a few weeks because I was not a huge fan of gyms… or working out, but eventually decided that it could be a great place to get out of my apartment and meet people and to get into shape.
I eventually started researching small gyms in the city, and decided to try Studio ME. After my first class at Studio ME, I was hooked. The class sizes were just right, I could get personalized attention but the focus wouldn’t all be on me, and everyone is so incredibly friendly! Plus, I could tell that I was getting a good workout. After my first TRX class, I could barely walk and definitely could not lift my arms above my head. And it was amazing.
Since I’ve joined, I’ve seen such incredible results. I’ve called my family multiple times just to tell them about a new PR I’ve hit on the water rower or if moved up in weights in Kettlebell. But it’s not just the noticeable changes during class, it’s the daily changes as well. I don’t crave the sugary foods as much and if I sit for more than an hour straight I get super fidgety and HAVE to move. I even notice that walking is easier, which I definitely did not think was a thing.
Studio ME has definitely changed my life for the better. My lifestyle is drastically healthier and I am so much happier since joining. The instructors and crew are such incredible people, encouraging and never-judging. I’m excited to be a part of this amazing community!"