Post Workout Nutrition - Balanced Meals

Post workout your body has different needs.  You also have a "window of opportunity" in which you need to meet those needs. You want to consume your protein and carbohydrates shortly after a workout but for sure within 45mins. I know it can be tough, you're traveling to and from a gym, maybe heading into work so this is where supplements can help.  I typically don't like to preach supplements. I always prefer whole foods but in this case it may be warranted. Your body can easily digest liquids (such as a protein drink) more quickly than whole foods. Take a look at the plate and see how it's change from your "anytime meal" to post workout meal.

On your post workout plate you see a lot more protein to help with rebuilding muscle and much more carbohydrates (veggies and fruits).  You will also see an addition of starchy vegetables added to the perimeter of the plate. If you really like the starchy veggies eat them right after a workout. What's a starchy veggie you ask?

Starchy complex Fibrous Complex carbs Natural Simple Carbs
potatoes broccoli apples, applesauce
yams spinach bananas
sweet potatoes asparagus blueberries
oatmeal cucumber raspberries
beans tomatoes strawberries
brown rice cauliflower blackberries
lentils brussel sprouts nectarines
chickpeas celery plums
black eyed peas onions, scallions, leeks peaches
green peas bell pepper (green or red) pears
corn Cabbage, bok choy grapefruit
pumpkin kale oranges
barley mushrooms watermelon
winter squash eggplant pineapple
quinoa zucchini cherries
millet carrots mango
whole wheat string beans, green beans kiwi
100 % whole grain bread, cereal, pasta lettuce and leafy salad greens melon, cantaloupe

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle by Tom Veneto

Combine your anytime meals with your post workout meals and you now have a balanced plate.  Continue to think of your plate as being divided into sixths.

  • 3/6 should be health carbs
  • 2/6 protein
  • 1/6 healthy fats
  • Always include a glass of water