Rowing Challenge Update

Studio ME members are amazing! As a crew they have rowed over 1 million meters (just under 700 miles) and are going strong to bring in our last week of the rowing challenge. A few are on track to take down our previous record of over 119,000 meters. Keep up the great work crew and let's finish the last week strong to bring the new year in right. Week 3 Update Rowing Challenge


Twice a year Studio ME hosts a rowing challenge from December 1st-31st where members can record their total meters for each rowing class. This is our third challenge and by far the most meters we have rowed as a studio.

Why rowing?

Rowing works 84% of the muscles in the body with each pull. That is insane! It truly is a total body workout and a must add to your workout routine. Members are saying

" My legs are so much stronger."

"I have improved my times when I run.  It is a great cross-training workout."

"I love the team camaraderie and fun in each class."

Come try what is considered the "perfect calorie burn" by singing up for an Indo-Row class today at Studio ME. Want to learn more about rowing check out this article.